The Fresh Test™ is a diagnostic glucose beverage intended for gestational diabetes screening. Glucose tolerance tests are typically performed at 24-28 weeks gestation.

Dr. Ralph Mayer

Dr. Ralph Mayer

Dr. Ralph Mayer is board-certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is an Urogynecologist serving patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles California.

With a high volume practice in Huntington Park, Dr. Ralph Mayer has contributed considerable to the success of The Fresh Test by assessing the efficacy of the product and writing a thorough White Paper on the history of glucola and the glucose load test. He has 26 years of experience treating patients with gynecologic surgical problems like fibroids, ovarian cyst, and heavy bleeding.


"Women are becoming increasingly health conscious; especially during pregnancy. Pregnant women are encouraged to question all that they consume (e.g. caffeine, alcohol and even strong cleaning agents) to protect their womb.  We should also question traditional glucose beverages that were invented in the 1960s; when the use of BVO, Artificial Dyes, Artificial Flavoring, BHA, Sodium Benzoates and GMOs were commonplace.

The Fresh Test has exactly 50-grams, 75-grams and 100-grams of glucose yet is void of unnecessary additives. When given an option, 9 out of 10 women choose The Fresh Test over pharmaceutical brand glucola." - Ralph Mayer, MD