The Fresh Test™ is a diagnostic glucose beverage intended for gestational diabetes screening. Glucose tolerance tests are typically performed at 24-28 weeks gestation.

Dr. Emily Bruckner

21 September, 2020

Dr. Emily Bruckner

Emily Bruckner Krasnow, MD, FAAP American Board of Pediatrics, was born and raised in California.  Dr. Bruckner Krasnow is an advocate for women and encourages them to make the healthiest choices for their body and family. Dr. Bruckner Krasnow provides incredible support and advice for The Fresh Test which stems from her admirable background. She graduated Suma Cum Laude from Duke University with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Dr. Bruckner Krasnow completed her medical training at UCLA School of Medicine, where she was selected to be a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. She then went on to complete her internship and residency in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where her parents, uncle, and brother had all trained before her. After residency, she worked at Tribeca Pediatrics in Venice, California, before joining the Westside Pediatrics team in 2015.  

"As a pediatrician, I am constantly guiding families as they navigate the many stages of parenting, even before the  babies come. When it comes to the glucose challenge, many pregnant women tell me how they dread the test, not because of the results, but because of the test itself! While I reassure them that the test is very important for the health of them and their baby, I am so happy to tell them about an option that is safe, effective, and actually TASTES good! This way, they can go into the test with faith in its importance and quality, and without the dread of the process!" - Emily Bruckner Krasnow, MD