The Fresh Test™ is a diagnostic glucose beverage intended for gestational diabetes screening. Glucose tolerance tests are typically performed at 24-28 weeks gestation.

PEEP’S ingredients banned in the food & beverage industry...but not in Healthcare?

29 March, 2024

As a “natural-minded” but not always in-practice mom, I’m thinking twice about giving PEEPS to our kids after last year’s big headliner.  Governor Gavin Newsom signed the nation’s first law banning toxic chemical food additives found in various candies like Peeps. After much thought, I applaud this! Yet, for some reason,this ban doesn’t apply to women who are pregnant. Here in 2024, it’s still being mandated that women in their 2nd trimester consume a decades-old diagnostic product (glucose beverage for diabetes screening) that has the same additives in it that Governor Newsom banned. Why are these being  banned in the food and beverage industrybut not in the medical world?

At the grocery store, we have options. But often, in the healthcare setting, we don’t. If you were once pregnant, you might remember the diagnostic glucose drink, commonly referred to as glucola. It’s used for the incredibly important  gestational diabetes screening test to ensure the health of a newborn. Women should not skip this test,as there are very few optionsavailable in most California offices. For the sake of women everywhere, I hope that Gov Newsom quickly ensures that pregnant patients have the right to cleaner options. Fortunately, CA Birth Center, MAKO Medical, and LabCorp saw this need years ago and partnered with a Los Angeles startup called The Fresh Test. They offer additive-free diagnostic glucose beverages. Women demand this product, yet it’s not widely available due to price. We’ve been told that it’s covered by laboratory reimbursement codes, so this raises another eyebrow  fome. Why are our health centers so slow to adopt new advancements?

California cities are nearly always in the top 10 healthiest cities in the USA, yet women feel that when they’re in a healthcare setting, they are required to take what’s offered, even if that means healthcare that is a decade old. Ladies, if you’re offered dated information or services - whether this is a 2D mammogram or an additive-laden glucose beverage, speak up. There is a reason hospitals are scored on patient satisfaction scores. It drives best-in-class care, which is a right for all women in all communities. I’ve seen many  celebs posting cute IG shares of Fresh Test. I’m thankful for empowered women spreading the word about female advancements.

The first step is to acknowledge where California is in women’s healthcare. Next is to make massive strides quickly. How do we do this? Please share your comments below or discuss solutions @health_inequities. Written by @health_inequities and  Suzanne Cuddy RN BA CCM.

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