The Fresh Test™ is a diagnostic glucose beverage intended for gestational diabetes screening. Glucose tolerance tests are typically performed at 24-28 weeks gestation.

The Fresh Test

The Fresh Test 75g Powder (10 pack)

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The Fresh Test™ 75-gram Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is currently available for wholesale however have longer shipping times than the 50-gram option. If you are a patient, please contact your provider or laboratory to see if they stock this item or have them email for more information and a sample.


The Fresh Test is used for the 75-gram glucose load test. This product is intended for women who cannot tolerate traditional glucose beverages or for those looking or an option void of GMOs and Preservatives.  FDA Registered as an equivalent glucose load test beverage, The Fresh Test adheres to cGMP Manufacturing Standards and FDA Regulations.  This product meets the criteria set by the American Diabetes Association’s for the Screening For and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.  Instructions for use and FAQs are shipped with all product. Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Please refer to your provider for more information.

Package of 10.